Reservations are Open for our Spring 2022 Litters

Please take the time to fill out and submit an application if you are interested in adding a future Magnolia puppy to your family!!

Ella and Arnie! 

Everyone has loved puppies from Ella so we decided to team up with our friends at Deer Pines Labradoodles and use their boy, Barberry Brook Jettison aka Arnie!

Arnie has produced beautiful puppies and we just knew that Ella and Arnie would have outstanding puppies!

They will all have wavy, non-shedding coats and they should all be mediums between 35 and 40lbs.

Approximate due date: November 17th!


Maisey and ? ! 

We have to pick the perfect boy for Ms Maisey!  

Maisey is a mini at just 20lbs and she will have red or red and white puppies.  

Approximate due date: February 2022


We are expecting Vada to have her first litter in the Spring of 2022.

 Vada will gorgeous apricot and red puppies with non-shedding coats.

Approximate due date: March 2022


We are in the process of picking the perfect boy for Tilly!  

Tilly is a mini at just 23lbs, we are expecting her puppies to be red or red and white minis.  

Approximate due date: May 2022


Elsa will have her second litter in the Spring of 2022!  She had gorgeous chocolate, creams and caramel puppies first time around and we are looking for her to have an encore litter!  

 Elsa’s puppies will have beautiful wavy non-shedding coats.

Approximate due date: May 2022

Introducing The Little Blessings! 


8 Puppies born 11/11/2020


5 girls and 3 boys

Red and white,  medium size puppies!


This litter is fully reserved!


Magnolia’s Asher

Magnolia’s Boone

Magnolia’s Carwyn

Magnolia’s Bennett

Magnolia’s Gwyneth

Magnolia’s Genevieve

Magnolia’s Beatrix

Magnolia’s Winnifred

We Welcomed The Little Buckeyes on October 23, 2020


Just in time for the first Ohio State Buckeyes Football Game!


All Puppies named after Coaches and Players!  And of course, Carmen Ohio!



8 Chocolate Puppies! 3 Girls and 5 Boys


And Here is The Lineup!


This litter is fully reserved.

Magnolia’s “A.J.” Hawk

Magnolia’s “Archie” Griffen

Magnolia’s “Braxton” Miller

Magnolia’s “Carmen” Ohio

Magnolia’s “Chase” Young

Magnolia’s Woody Hayes (Hazel)

Magnolia’s Jim Tressel (Tressie)

Magnolia’s Ezekiel Elliot (Zeke) 

Reservations Available for our Spring 2022 Litters!