So you just got a new puppy, now what?  Over the next 10 days we are going to examine the 10 most important things to teach a puppy!  Make sure to like our facebook page, Magnolia Australian Labradoodles so that you won’t miss a day!

Socialize Your Puppy to Many Situations –

But how? What does that mean?  Between 3 weeks and 16 weeks, every person, every noise, every situation forms a permanent imprint on your puppy’s mind.   Hopefully, your breeder has started your puppy positive experiences for you, here at Magnolia Australian Labradoodles we follow a protocol introducing new stimulus so that from day one your puppy is well on his/her way to become a happy, calm and stable puppy!

The first day you pick up your puppy starts your success story as to how that puppy will learn and react to new situations.  If you teach your puppy nothing else, teach them that the world is a safe and happy place.  Take your puppy to safe places where you can control what your puppy experiences.  Slowly introduce new family members, new pets and new places to your puppy.  There are many articles about the checklists for puppy socialization, here is our favorite –Puppy Checklist!

Too much stimulation and challenge can be as harmful as not enough, and something that is extremely beneficial one week of a puppy’s life could be detrimental in the next.  So, as with everything, a balance is needed.  If your puppy seems fearful at any time, move him away from the situation and let them observe from a distance that is not fearful and feed them lots of great treats!

Next up, Preventing Separation Anxiety.  We are always eager to help you along the way, send us an email!  0ur goal is to have happy families with happy puppies!

The 10 Most Important Things to Teach a Puppy