10 Things to Teach Your Puppy-Housetraining

Whatever you do, this one is a must!

Teaching your puppy to do it’s business in a designated area is an absolute must, planning makes it easy!

This process can be simple if you take the time to set up a puppy area before bringing your new puppy home.  Find a place in your home where you can set up a dog crate and an x-pen. Our recommendations can be found under Puppy Supplies or on Amazon.  The idea is to have a space large enough for you puppy to move around and play but also be contained.    The next step of the plan is to set up an actual schedule of feeding your puppy and taking your puppy outside to eliminate.   Find a place that has easy access for you and that you want your puppy to use as he grows!   So it’s time to take him outside, put a few treats in your pocket and pick your puppy up to carry him to his spot.   Give him time to sniff around and as soon as he squats to go get your treat ready!  Once he is done, “Good Puppy, Pee Pee Outside” and give him his treat!  Pick your puppy up and bring him back inside.  This is not really his time to play outside, but to do his business.

Hale’s California Dreaming aka Rhett from Magnolia Australian Labradoodles!!

Here at Magnolia Australian Labradoodles we start this process for you when your puppy is just 5 weeks old!  We also send Dr. Ian Dunbar’s potty training pamphlet home with every puppy!