I remember the first time I heard of a “Doodle.” I was living in South Carolina, and my 13 year-old daughter told me about a new friend she had met that had a Labradoodle. A Labradoodle? What’s that? She proudly exclaimed, “Part Lab, part Poodle!” I was a bit of a purebred snob and thought to myself, “Why? Why would anyone do that? A Lab is a wonderful dog, and, well, a Poodle is my dream dog.”

I started meeting these Labradoodles. It was a kind of love at first sight. As I saw their personalities, I was smitten! It became very clear why people breed them. The more I learned about these sweet, loving, family dogs, the more I knew I had to have one. Through my research, I discovered that if I wanted to be able to consistently produce a non-shedding, teddy bear looking dog with an outstanding personality, the Australian Labradoodle was it!

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