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Dog is such a small word for something that takes up so much room in your heart.

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Premier Australian Labradoodle Breeder Ohio
Image by Olga Thelavart

Welcome to Magnolia Australian Labradoodles

Magnolia Australian Labradoodles was created to breed exceptional Labradoodle puppies to carry on the traits that make this breed so wonderful!  We only have a few litters a year as we truly put our heart and soul into each of our puppies, as well as, the dogs that live here with us.  At Magnolia Australian Labradoodles we consider each of our dogs a member of the family and we treat the puppies no differently. From day one, the Labradoodle puppies are in our home, being handled, played with and loved every single day. Someone is with them the majority of the time, making sure they are well cared for and interacting with them throughout the day.  


What makes us different?


As a Australian Labradoodle Breeder we are proud to raise our puppies with the Puppy Culture Method. Through this method your new puppy will be calm and confident from day one.   Your new puppy will be introduced to sleeping in a crate and beginning house training.  This way your first night home will be a smoother transition for your puppy.  Every family is also provided with a Life’s Abundance sample pak, a NuVet sample pak, a thorough medical history paperwork, and so much more. We believe that attention to every detail is important. We are very approachable and when our materials do not answer a question you might have, we are committed to answering all your questions and fully preparing you to bring home your new family member. 


Our Goal is Excellence!


Our goal at every point in the process is excellence.  When you decide that Magnolia Australian Labradoodles is the best choice for your family, we take your decision very seriously.  You become part of our family!  We are passionate about sharing this exquisite breed with others, and providing wonderful homes for our pups.

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